7 maja 2010

GOOD50X70 2010 4th EDITION

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GOOD50X70 2010 4th EDITION

Even spring was a little late this year, but we’re finally back to present you the fourth edition of Good50×70.

While warmly welcoming our new jury members, Kate Andrews, Jonathan Barnbrook, David Berman, Paddy Harrington, Angela Morelli and Lars Müller we are equally honoured to confirm our long-standing friends, Chaz Mavyiane Davies, Yossi Lemel, Alain leQuenrec, Woody Pirtle, Leonardo Sonnoli and Massimo Vignelli.

We are also proud to introduce a new charity, Libera, Associations, names and numbers against mafias, an Italian organization committed to the education on democratic lawfulness.

Amnesty International has joined us once again addressing a brief about poverty. The 2010 contest will be also confronting earth conservation issues with briefs by Greenpeace and Wwf and discriminatory policies with Emergency and Lila briefs.

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Please click here to download the call for entries for detailed information.


Please note that these are just extracts from the full briefs.
To download the briefs and supporting information click here.

AFRICA (Endorsed by AMREF)

Play for Africa.
Football can do a lot for Africa. A football match can reconcile ethnic groups, save young people from drug use and bring joy to suffering communities.
Play and sport are an exceptional instrument through which younger generations may meet, socialize and evolve.


Freedom to travel
The ban on entry and permanence for foreign nationals with HIV is a violation of human rights. Governments must review their discriminatory laws with regards to HIV positive people whether these are residents or foreigners.

LEGALITY (Endorsed by “LIBERA, Associations, names and numbers against mafias”)

Take action against mafias
Mafias do favors and launder money. They practice extortion, and engage in the illegal traffic of weapons, drugs, counterfeit products, toxic waste and human beings.
It is necessary to “be against” all mafias, but in order to beat them it is more important to “to be for” the creation of paths and spaces for freedom, memory and legality.
It is a call each and every one of us should heed.


Whale shortage: a sanctuary empties by the day
Where are the whales of the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans? The fin whale, the second largest animal of the world in size, lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Today there is a progressive decrease in population of these cetaceans. In order to protect the sea and its ecosystem there is no other alternative but to build a network of marine reserves and of large areas to be preserved rigorously.


The uncertainty of the cure
The right of the Migrants to healthcare, independently of their legal status, is a question that concerns the human rights of each individual. In order to prevent the inequality that migrants face when it comes to accessing appropriate care, Emergency has opened an Outpatient clinic in Italy to guarantee free health assistance to migrants (with or without permits) and to residents in need.


For a path out of poverty, take the human rights route.
All over the world, people in poverty are demanding dignity. They want an end to the injustice and exclusion that keeps them trapped in deprivation. They want to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. They want their rights to be respected and their voices to count.


Year of the Tiger
2010 is the year of the tiger in Chinese calendar; what better opportunity to raise attention to wild tiger populations decline? Given the chance – enough space, prey and protection – tigers, one of the greatest icons of conservation, can recover.

If you’d like to create a poster as a response to one (or more)
of the briefs, just follow these simple steps:
1. Download the Call for Entries pdf.
2. Create a poster. Find out the technical specifications
in the call for entries PDF.
3. From May 12th until midnight of June 12th,
you can upload entries on the Good 50×70 website.
You can upload as many posters as you like. Good Luck!

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