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Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2009

nagroda: 5000 $
termin: 31 sierpnia 2009 r.

  Department of Commercial Affairs, MOEA began implementing the ‘Commercial Design Improvement’ since 2004. The purpose of holding ‘Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2009’ is to promote Taiwan’s commercial design and to provide opportunities for interchange with interrnational desingers. Outstanding works of commercial value and international vision will be selected to raise the visibility of Taiwan’s design potential, and internationalize Taiwan’s design industry.

◎Guide by Ministry of Economic Affairs

◎Responsed by Department of Commercial Affairs, MOEA

◎Implemented by
 *China Productivity Center (CPC)
 *The Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China (GDA-Taiwan)
 *Taiwan Graphic Design Association (TGDA)
 *Taiwan Poster Design Association (TPDA)
 *Kaohsiung Creators Association (KCA)

◎Collaboration with International Associations:
 *International Council of Graphic Design Associations(ICOGRADA)

 *The competition is open to designers from all regions and countries.

◎Design Categories
 *All entries must be created after June, 2007.
  A. Special Theme: Harmonious human/nature relationship (Type A)
  B. Open Category: commercial (Type B)

◎Judging Criteria

◎Poster Design
 *Creativity, integrity of composition, and technical rigor.

◎Submission deadline 31 Aug, 2009

◎Judging Date 28 Sep, 2009

◎Judging Panel
 The judging committee consists of prominent domestic and foreign professionals selected by the organizer. Provisional list of panelists:
 ◎Tsung-Hung Su︱Taiwan, Art Director of Lemon Yellow Design Company, professor of the Department of Fine Arts,
           Chinese Culture University.
 ◎Jeff, Che-Fu Liao︱Taiwan, Art Director of Feng Geh Image Design, well-known designer.
 ◎Freeman Lau Hong Kong, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Partner of Kan
           & Lau Design Consultants, received the 2008 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award.
 ◎Fons Hickmann︱Germany, the co-founder of Fons Hickmann m23, frequent winner of international design awards for
 ◎Martin Woodtli︱Switzerland, lecturer in the Academy of Art in Bern and the Academy of Art and Design in Lucerne.
          Winner of the “Swiss Design Award.”
A. Grand Prize (1 person): US 5,000
Gold Medal (2 persons): US 2,000
Silver medal (2 persons): US 1,000
Bronze Medal: (2 persons): US 500
Judges’ special award (each judge may select one person, 5 in total): Medal
B. All winning entries will be awarded with a medal and a certificate of honor. Also, exhibitions will be held and
publications will be edited as promotional means.

◎Prize-winning works
A. Award winning entries will be included in the “Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Competition” special
B. Award winning entries will be featured on the “Commercial Design Improvement Project” website and related
promotional publications.
C. Award winning entries will be exhibited in events related to this project.

◎Work entry standards
Mailing Spec: Must be larger than 36.4cm x 51.5cm, smaller than 180cm x 120cm in size. Please also provide a CD
containing the image file, resolution must be over 300dpi(PC or Mac files in TIF or EPS format are acceptable).
1. Special Theme: Work may be submitted as a color print-out with a CD attached.
2. Open Category: Work must be submitted in print(not including digital print-out)with a CD attached.

◎Language used
Primarily English, secondarily Chinese. (Each work must be accompanied by a title, explanation, and name of the
designer and company in English.

◎Participation Terms
A. Cash rewards are granted in accordance with the regulations of the host country; tax shall be withheld in
accordance with ROC tax law (20 % for foreigner,).
B. The list of award-winners shall reflect the judges' final decision. The implementing organization shall notify all
winners within 15 days.
C. Please provide design works meeting the given specifications. Participants are also required to read the judging
rules carefully and must abide by all requirements of the judging rules and bylaws.
D. Participation in this activity is free of charge; there is no fee for inclusion of works in the winner's exhibition and
the content publication(funding is provided by the organizer.
E. All submitted works must have an entry label written in English for the convenience of foreign members of the Judge
Panel. Participants must fill out an Authorization Letter declaring that their works do not infringe upon other parties'
   intellectual property rights.
F. The organizer has the right to use the submitted works in any kind of publicity, touring exhibition, publication, or
commissioned publication, etc, without additional payments; however, this use shall not interfere with other
commercial uses and applications.
G. Design works of members of the judge panel or works that belongs to their respective companies are suggested
to not take part of this contest.
I. If the following is found, eligibility of the entry will be cancelled, other legal issues shall be charged on the designer:
1. The work have been completed before June, 2007.
2. The work plagiarizes another person’s work.
J. No entries will be returned. Award winners will be contacted by the organizer to provide files and information for
exhibition and publication purposes. To comply with international competition regulations, necessary files and actual
works might also be needed.

◎Means of Submission
A. Online registration:Please send personal information, information of the entry and upload the image file.            http://www.cdip.org.tw/competition
B. Registration in Writing:Please submit with the entry the filled-out registration form, authorization letter and the entry             description tag.
C. By mail:Entries should be postmarked by 31, Aug, 2009. For identification reasons, please attach the entry
      number on the package and all forms.
D. Contact
  China Productivity Center “Taiwan International Poster Design Award” organizing team.
  Tel:886 (0)2 2698 2989 ext 2073、2401、Fax:886 (0)2 2698 9335。
  Contact person: Ms. Zhu, Ms. Hsiao
E. Taiwan Graphic Design Association (TGDA)
  Address: Taiwan Poster Design Association∣ 6F-2, No. 189, Sinyi Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan 106

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