7 grudnia 2009

Golden Bee - Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design

kategoria: grafika
nagroda: Golden Bee Award
termin: 15 kwietnia 2010 r.

Golden Bee - Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design

Supported by
International Council of Graphic Design Associations ICOGRADA
International Biennales Coordinating Committee IBCC

President of the Biennale
Dr. Serge Serov

Academy of Graphic Design, Moscow design studios and many other organisations and companies

Golden Bee Logo Design
Irina Kireeva (1992)

International Jury 1992–2010

Golden Bee collects the best world achievements in graphic design. Biennial was established in 1992. In 2002 realization of Biennial was suspended. In 2004 Golden bee has renewed the flights. Moscow Biennial promoted a deepening of the international cooperation, increased of the cultural status of graphic design, helped escalating of a creative level and spiritual potential of a profession, served formation of high valuable orientations, showed the tendency of development of modern visual culture and was the catalyst of it’s development.

Entry Categories

All themes, types and genres of poster design

Graphic Design and Music
CD, DVD, flyers, stickers and any other collateral design relating to the music industry

Graphic Design and Religion
Books, magazines, booklets and any other graphic design works for religion

Graphic Design and New Media
Multimedia, television and interactive graphics, video, animation, screen installations and any other innovative new media graphic design works

Special project 'All Gold of the World'
Posters awarded Grands Prix, Golden Awards and First Prizes in the key international contests between 2000 and 2010

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